About Us

We first came across Chinese Export Silver around 1975. Although we had started as antiques dealers a couple of years before that, our focus had always been on antique English silver. However as we travelled around auction rooms, shops and fairs, we noticed that some exquisite pieces did not attract the attention they deserved. Some of the most delightful and intricate pieces of silver were being offered at a little over their metal value. We soon added "or anything with dragons or flowers" to our standard enquiries for silver, and our passion for Chinese Export Silver began.

Over the years we have acquired a large stock of high quality Chinese silver pieces. We are often asked to advise clients when they start building a collection and, as with all purchases, it is important to buy the best that is available and not compromise. A poor quality piece will remain so and should be avoided. Chinese Export Silver is rare compared to silver from other countries, but we are pleased to be able to help collectors in any way we can. 

Recently the price of Chinese Export Silver has shown a large increase with more buyers entering the market. Many of the new buyers are from the Chinese mainland and it is good to see that these pieces are now being appreciated in the country where they were made as well as the countries that they were made for.


We hope you enjoy browsing our site and if you have any enquiries please contact us.

Stephen and Jeremy Stodel